The Regional Development Council 2 (RDC2 ) is now accepting nominations for the selection of the new set of Private Sector Representatives (PSRs) to the RDC 2 for the term 2019-2022.

All interested accredited non-government/people’s organizations (NGOs/POs) in the region with at least a province-wide service area are encouraged to submit their nominees for the nine sectoral seats allotted for PSRs in the RDC2.

PSR nominees must meet the following qualifications:
1. Filipino citizen of legal age, not otherwise disqualified by law
2. With a proven track record on undertakings, whether as an individual or a member of a PSO, on socioeconomic development in or outside the region
3. Must not hold any government position, whether appointive or elective, and must not be receiving any remuneration from the government
4. Must be formally nominated by a qualified PSO
5. Must be willing and able to participate in all RDC activities on a voluntary basis.

Please note that all nominating Private Sector Organizations must be (1) registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or any government agency or LGU which registers organizations and associations; (2) conducted socioeconomic activities in the region or in the locality where they operate for at least three years from the date of registration; (3) comprised of Filipino members; and (4) no government officials and employees as ex officio members and their operation should not be funded by the government.

Guidelines and procedures for the selection and nomination forms are available at the NEDA Region 2 located at the Regional Government Center, Carig Sur, Tuguegarao City. For further inquiries, you may also contact the Office of the Regional Director, NEDA Region 2 at telephone nos. (078) 304-1243 or 304-9300 or email at

All duly-accomplished nomination forms should be notarized and received by the RDC2 Secretariat not later thanlast week of July, 2019.

Please download the documents here:

>>> Guidelines on the Selection and Election of PSR

>>> PSR Forms 2019