The RDC-Regional Government Center Management Committee (RGCMC) approved the replacement and improvement of road names signages at the Regional Government Center (RGC), during its second quarter meeting on June 25.    

The current street names are in Ibanag whose meanings are not understandable to many.  The street names reflect the distinct cultural heritage and the dialect of Tuguegarao City, the host locality for the regional government center.

The road names include 10 Ibanag terms, and these are Dalan na Pagayaya (Happiness Street), Dalan na Pavvurulun (Camaraderie Street), Dalan na Marayao (Respectful Street), Dalan na Paccorofun (Friendship Street), Dalan na Imammo (Peace Street), Dalan na Angicacua (Courtesy Street), Dalan na Pappabalo (Thankfulness Street), Dalan na Malappo (Industrious Street), Dalan na Matunung (Righteous Street) and Dalan na Manono (Maturity Street).  To address this concern, the English translation of the road name will be placed under the Ibanag name of the new street marker to be put in place. This initiative was approved by the RGCMC on 12 April 2010. 

The new road signage will be designed and funded by the DPWH Regional Office.  The RGCMC is assured that this project will definitely help the RGC locators’ clients and stakeholders to easily locate agency offices within the RGC.