The Regional Development Council 2 celebrated its founding anniversary on September 27- October 01, 2021 through the conduct of a series of activities. This year’s theme was “Cagayan Valley Region: Embracing Full Devolution for Better Local Governance”. The theme focused on the implementation of Executive Order No. 138 on full devolution of functions, services and facilities from the national and sub-national level to LGUs.

The regionwide celebration started with the RDC2 being featured in the special edition of the weekly program “Tipon-Tipan sa PIA” on September 27, 2021. The talk show covered topics on the role and functions of the RDC particularly as the highest policy-making body in the region.  Among the topics discussed include accomplishments and ongoing undertakings of the Council, updates from its sectoral and support committees status of major regional infrastructure projects and other regional initiatives, and discussions on the current regional economy.

This was followed by the conduct of the Cagayan Valley Regional Planners Convention held on September 28, 2021. The Planners Convention served as the main event of the celebration. The activity capacitated the regional stakeholders on the implementation of the LGU Devolution as well as in ensuring effective resource management during this transition. A total of 120 participants from the Council members, regional and local planners from national line agencies and local government units participated in the activity.

This year, the RDC2 also sought to enhance its presence and further improve public awareness and understanding on its essential role in development and local governance through the conduct of extensive social marketing activities. One of the major information drives conducted is the week-long #GetToKnowtheRDC2 campaign where a daily dose of trivia featuring the functions, roles and structure of the RDC2 were featured in its social media account. Simultaneous press releases, interviews and virtual observance of the RDC Week joined in by the local media, particularly PIA and PBS-DWPE, RDC2 member-agencies, and the local government units were also conducted.

Socioeconomic Planning Secretary Karl Kendrick T. Chua, through his message disseminated to the regional stakeholders, affirmed the crucial role of the RDCs in regional development given the start of the full devolution of the LGUs in the succeeding year. “The RDCs need to ensure a strong vertical link and convergence among national, regional, and international development priorities,” he said.

In September 1972, the Regional Development Council (RDC) was created through Presidential Decree No. 1. On February 24, 1998, Proclamation 1164, s. 1998 was issued declaring the fourth week of September of every year as the Regional Development Councils Week in commemoration of the birth of the RDCs as key structure for regional planning and for integrated local planning and programming.#NEDA2-DRD