The Cagayan Valley Economic Development Committee (EDC) during its first quarter meeting on March 24 passed a resolution to address the increase in fertilizer prices, particularly phosphates and urea.

The resolution titled, “Endorsing the Proposed Measures to Address the Escalating Prices of Fertilizer” includes the following proposed measures: (a) increasing the fertilizer subsidy to farmers; (b) encouraging the farmers to patronize cheaper Fertilizer and Pesticide Authority (FPA)-registered fertilizer brands in the market that have the same efficacy as the known brands; and (c) promoting the combination of organic and inorganic fertilizer or balance fertilization by the Department of Agriculture.

Other identified options that were discussed and considered were suspending the imposition of tariffs on fertilizers, encouraging farmers to adopt cluster farming, and formulating a Fertilizer Industry Roadmap.

Other matters discussed during the meeting are the proposed measures to address the use of herbicides, updates on fuel prices, and proposed measures to address the impact of the Ukraine-Russia conflict to the economy.#PFPD