The Regional Research and Development Committee has the following functions:

  1. Formulate the Regional Research and Development Agenda for the Plan period and undertake its mid-year assessment and consequent updating;
  2. Facilitate the review, prioritization and elevation of identified R & D issues and concerns to the RDC2 and national bodies for appropriate action and support;
  3. Serve as conduit for local and foreign research cooperation in the monitoring and evaluation of research activities to make it responsive to the emerging R & D needs of the region;
  4. Convene the R & D consortia in the region for best practices monitoring and sharing;
  5. As its support service, oversee the implementation of the prescribed statistical standards, methodologies and classification systems;
  6. Institute measures to strengthen the statistical capability in the region by ensuring timely production of useful and reliable data for regional/local development planning and decision-making as well as resolving issues peculiar to the area within the context of national R&D and statistical policies; and,
  7. Perform other related functions as may be assigned by the Council.
  • Officials

Chairperson: Department of Science and Technology (DOST)

Vice-Chairperson: Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA)

  • RLAs
  1. Department of Science and Technology RO2;
  2. Philippine Statistics Authority RO2;
  3. Department of Environment and Natural Resources RO2;
  4. Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources RO2;
  5. Commission on Population RO2;
  6. Department of Tourism RO2;
  7. Department of Health RO2;
  8. Department of Trade and Industry RO2;
  9. Department of Agriculture RO2;
  10. Department of Agrarian Reform RO2;
  11. Commission on Higher Education RO2;
  12. National Economic and Development Authority RO2;
  13. Technical Education and Skills Development Authority RO2; and
  14. Department of Public Work and Highways RO2.
  • Academe
  1. Cagayan State University;
  2. Isabela State University;
  3. Quirino State University;
  4. Nueva Vizcaya State University;
  5. Batanes State College;
  6. University of St. Louis Tuguegarao;
  7. St. Paul University Philippines;
  8. University of Cagayan Valley;
  9. St. Mary’s University; and
  10. University of La Sallette.
  • LGUs
  1. Provincial LGU of Cagayan;
  2. Provincial LGU of Isabela;
  3. Provincial LGU of Quirino;
  4. Provincial LGU of Nueva Vizcaya;
  5. Provincial LGU of Batanes;
  6. City LGU of Tuguegarao City;
  7. City LGU of Ilagan City;
  8. City LGU of Cauayan City; and
  9. City LGU of Santiago City.
  • Regional Bodies
  1. Regional Tripartite Wages and Productivity Board
  2. Cagayan Valley Agriculture and Resources Research and Development
  • Private Sectors
  1. Conservation International
  2. Philippine Statistical Association