The new list of enrolees who will undertake their Masteral Degree in Public Management, Major in Rural Development (MPM-RD) emerges early this year for the 2013 Public Management Development Program which will be implemented by the Development Academy of the Philippines.

The qualifiers- all of whom are aces from DARPO Isabela- comprise applicants who have successfully passed the online examination conducted on January 4, 2013 by the Information and Education Division of DAR Regional Office headed by Mrs. Eleanor Tagal, division head. The list includes:

1. Villanueva, David Jr.                                    11. Camonayan, Marirose T.
2. Felix, Julie P.                                                12. Lora, Julieta A.
3. Maramag, Fe D.                                           13. Madria, Benedicta M.
4. Lucas, Charito M.                                         14. Maximo, Ivan B.
5. Nicolas, Marlon D.                                        15. Bartoon, Josephine A.
6. Palomo, Mel P.                                             16. Acoba, Cristeto, Jr. V.
7. Rubi, Moonyeen B.                                       17. Deray, Pablo, III L.
8. Marcos, Maribel A.                                        18. Molina, Gladys M.
9. Abarca, Alicia G.                                           19. Quidasol, Jess Beth G.
10. Alonzo, Carmencita P.

MPM-RD is a career development program which grants scholarships to qualified and willing employees with the purpose of ‘[instilling] development perspectives and [advancing] management capability in the leadership of key sectors of the government’ in pursuit of a ‘[professionalized] bureaucracy by producing a corps of development-oriented, competent, dedicated, and accountable government executives’(Memorandum Circular No. 41, 2012).

The specified qualifications of the said program include belonging to the Senior Executive Class (senior government executives) and Middle Managers Class (incumbents or OIC of SG 24 positions), a Permanent employment status, and an age requirement of not more than 55 years. Candidates for the program shall be screened further by the DAR Scholarship Committee upon application.

Regional Director Marjorie P. Ayson considers the program as an effective part of human resource training and development as it strategically carries positive repercussions on the rural development programs of the agency. She cites the willingness of the applicants to increase their potential contributions to DAR’s program implementation as an element of progress for the agency. She adds that the program is a bottom-up approach where ensuring DAR’s overall outstanding performance is pegged on the growth of the individual employees. Thus, with such a scheme, excellent organizational performance follows closely. She specifically mentions PARO II Alfredo B. Lorenzo’s contribution as vital in the region’s full utilization of the program.