The Annual Regional Development Report (ARDR) presents the socioeconomic developments in the region in relation to the annual development objectives and targets as set forth in the Regional Development Plan. It presents the performance of key sectors of the regional economy through the implementation of a wide range of programs and projects by all development partners in the region.

The ARDR serves a dual purpose. It summarizes the major accomplishments of the regional line agencies, local government units and the private sector along the following major areas and sectors: Macroeconomy, Human Development, Economic Development, Infrastructure Development and Governance and Institutions Development. Secondly, it defines the major challenges, shortfalls as well as the measures and strategies needed to improve the region's overall performance.

The ARDR benefited from inputs of the various implementing and oversight agencies of the government, LGUs and the private sector. The Report was subjected to the review of the different sectoral committees of the RDC 2 before its finalization.


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