The Economic Development Committee (EDC) of the Regional Development Council (RDC) proposed measures to address the use of an herbicide known as glyphosate in upland farming during its joint meeting with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) Technical Working Group for Economic Sector held via teleconference on September 28, 2022.
The proposed measures include encouraging agencies to consider upland farmers in their capacity building programs on alternative livelihood activities; enjoining the LGUs to regulate the use of glyphosate within their jurisdiction; and advocating for strict enforcement of forestry laws, adoption of soil and water conservation measures for upland agro-forestry activities, and the prohibition of agricultural activities in areas with slopes above 18 percent.

These recommendations emanated from concerns over the effects of upland farming, and the use of glyphosates. The application of glyphosates was found to destroy the vegetative cover of the ground and loosen the soil, increasing the risk of soil erosion, landslide, and siltation in downstream water bodies. The Committee passed a resolution endorsing the proposed measures for the approval of the RDC.

In the same meeting, the EDC also supported, through a committee resolution, the adoption of the Cagayan Valley Tourism Brand Logo as developed by the Department of Tourism. The body also discussed the programs of the Department of Trade and Industry to help MSMEs and establishments in the region recover from the pandemic, the rollout of International Labor Organization (ILO) Recommendation No. 204, which urges the transition of workers from the informal to the formal economy, and updates on the SDG goals. #