Cagayan Valley rests on an expansive physical resource called the Cagayan River Basin with an area of 27,676 square kilometers. This basin makes Cagayan Valley one of the most significant bio-diversity areas in the country. Herein also lies the Cagayan River, the longest river in the country measuring 500 kilometers long.

The flood inundation problem has been a main constraint in the promotion of socio-economic development and improvement of the living condition of people in Region 02. On the other hand, the Cagayan River Basin offers significant potentials in promoting regional development. Specifically, Cagayan River is the largest river in the Philippines with an aggregate basin area of 27,281 km2. With such a considerable resource, a rationale water resource development geared towards the mitigation of the effects of occurrences alongside agricultural development, environmental management and infrastructure support would enable the region to enhance its present development state.

It is in the above context that the President called for the need to have a collaborative and a holistic approach in dealing with the recent flooding occurrences. Thus, the Cagayan Valley Flood Mitigation Master Plan was formulated, with inputs coming the local governments, regional government agencies and the private sector. Past studies made on the Cagayan River Basin, particularly the 1987 Cagayan River Basin Flood Control Master Plan, the 2001 Feasibility Study on the Lower Cagayan River Flood Control and other sectoral plan documents also provided the basic technical framework in the crafting of the plan.

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Cagayan Valley Flood Mitigation Master Plan 2005-2030