The Regional Development Agenda (RDA) CY 2010-2020 was formulated to guide the next Regional Development Council 2 in the crafting of the successor Regional Development Plan. The document has undergone a series of consultation participated in by line agencies, local government units, NGOs and HEIs.

The Cagayan Valley RDA is among the legacies of the officials and members of the Regional Development Council 2 (RDC2) CY 2007-2010 under the able leadership of his Eminence Bishop Ramon B. Villena. As such, the document will provide the next Council with a starting document that would guide them in formulation of the successor Regional Development Plan.

The RDA takes off from existing planning documents such as the Regional Development Plan CY 2004-2010, the Regional Physical Framework Plan, the Regional Investments Priority Plan, and the Regional Action Agenda for Productivity and Quality.

The RDA articulates the region’s highest priorities and the essential ingredients needed to achieve the desired development scenario.
We call on all partners in government, the private sector and civil society to draw on the RDA in the formulation of future development policies, programs and projects in the Cagayan Valley Region.

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Cagayan Valley Regional Development Agenda