The Regional Research, Development and Innovation Committee has the following functions:

  1. Formulate the Regional Research and Development Agenda for the Plan period and undertake its mid-year assessment and consequent updating;
  2. Facilitate the review, prioritization and elevation of identified R & D issues and concerns to the RDC2 and national bodies for appropriate action and support;
  3. Serve as conduit for local and foreign research cooperation in the monitoring and evaluation of research activities to make it responsive to the emerging R & D needs of the region;
  4. Convene the R & D consortia in the region for best practices monitoring and sharing;
  5. As its support service, oversee the implementation of the prescribed statistical standards, methodologies and classification systems;
  6. Institute measures to strengthen the statistical capability in the region by ensuring timely production of useful and reliable data for regional/local development planning and decision-making as well as resolving issues peculiar to the area within the context of national R&D and statistical policies; and,
  7. Perform other related functions as may be assigned by the Council.


Chairperson: DOST

Vice-Chairperson: CVAARRD

Co-Chair for Innovation and Start-Ups: DTI


  1. DOH
  3. NEDA
  4. DAR
  5. BFAR
  6. DENR
  7. CHED
  8. DPWH
  9. DA
  10. TESDA
  11. DOT
  12. CSU
  13. NVSU
  14. QSU
  15. BSC
  16. UCV
  17. USLT
  18. ULS
  19. SMU
  20. SPUP
  21. LGU Tuguegarao City
  22. LGU Santiago City
  23. LGU Cauayan City
  24. LGU Ilagan City
  25. PLGU Batanes
  26. PLGU Cagayan
  27. PLGU Isabela
  28. PLGU Nueva Vizcaya
  29. PLGU Quirino
  30. PSA
  31. RTWPB
  32. PSAI – Cagayan Chapter
  33. PNU – North Luzon