The Regional Physical Framework Plan of Region II is designed to show the desired direction and intensity of growth of the region as a whole, as well as of its sub-regional areas, covering a period of 30 years, from 2001 to 2030. It is a document embodying a set of policies that seeks to guide public and private investments in order to effect an efficient settlement pattern for better access by the region’s population to basic services and economic opportunities, and a rational mix of land uses that promotes productivity and safeguards environmental integrity.

The first part of the document includes the assessment of the current RPFP highlighting sectoral performance for the first 10-year phase of the document. Chapter II presents the characterization of the region and its sub-regional areas and sectors. This part highlights the region’s opportunities which includes; underdeveloped resources; wide expanse of rich agricultural areas; productive forestlands and vast grasslands; abundant inland water and marine resources; and undeveloped mineral and indigenous energy resources. Along with these opportunities are the region’s development challenges that includes: incompatible land uses; encroachment on protected areas; inadequate infrastructure support facilities and utilities and unmanaged exploitation of resources that all resulted to environmental degradation and low productivity.

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   Regional Physical Framework Plan CY 2001-2030