The Economic Development Committee has the following functions:

General Functions

  1. Integrate sectoral information and statistics in the preparation of the annual regional development report;
  2. Assist the RDC in the translation of the national development goals into specific regional sectoral objectives.
  3. Integrate sectoral plans and programs of local government units into regional sectoral plans and programs and coordinate all sectoral planning   and programming activities of sectoral line agencies in the region.

Specific Functions

  1. Integrate information and statistics on Agriculture, Natural   Resources, Agrarian Reform, Industry, Trade and Tourism, Research and   Development and preparation of the annual   regional development report.
  2. Assist the RDC in the translation of national development goals   into specific regional objectives on Agriculture, Natural Resources, Agrarian   Reform, Industry, Trade, Tourism and   Research and Development.
  3. Integrate agricultural, industrial trade/tourism and natural   resources plans and programs of LGUs into regional sectoral plans and programs   and coordinate all sectoral planning and   programming activities of the DA, DAR, DENR and DTI.
  4. Recommend policies and working guidelines to improve   agriculture and Industrial Productivity in the region.
  5. Evaluate and recommend to the RDC programs and projects of   government and non-government entities requiring RDC   endorsement/approval.
  6. Monitor and evaluates the implementation of priority government   projects in Agriculture, Natural Resources, Agrarian Reform, Industry, Trade,   Tourism, Research and Development.
  7. Perform other related functions as may be assigned by the RDC.



Chairperson Hon. Jose V. Gambito Governor, Province of Nueva Vizcaya
Co – Chairperson RD Romleah Juliet P. Ocampo DTI
Vice – Chairperson Mr. Gilbert Cumila PSR



  1. PLGU Quirino
  2. PLGU Isabela
  3. PLGU Cagayan
  4. LGU Tuguegarao City
  5. LGU Ilagan City
  6. LGU Santiago City
  7. LGU Cauayan City
  8. DA
  9. DENR
  10. DOST
  11. DOT
  12. DPWH
  13. DAR
  14. MGB
  15. BFAR
  16. CEZA
  17. EMB
  18. DILG
  19. PSR Protacio D. Laguinday
  20. PSR Cloyd C. Velasco
  21. PSR Charles T. Lim