Executive Committee

The EXCOM acts on matters that require immediate attention for and on behalf of the RDC when it is not in session. The EXCOM shall comprise one-fourth of the total membership of the fully constituted Council and sectoral committee chairmen become automatic members of the EXCOM.

Advisory Committee

The ADCOM advises, assists, and supports the Council in discharging its functions. The composition of the Advisory Committee includes the Members of the House of Representatives and the members of the EXCOM.

Sectoral Committees

The RDC has 4 Sectoral committees, namely:

  1. Social Development Committee (SDC)
  2. Economic Development Committee (EDC)
  3. Infrastructure Development Committee (IDC)
  4. Committee on Development Administration and Communication (CODAC)

Support Committees

The RDC comprises 7 support committees that are deemed essential for the specific requirements of the region. These include the following, together with their corresponding functions:

  1. Regional Budget Review Committee (RBRC)
  2. Regional Land Use Committee (RLUC)
  3. Regional Research, Development and Innovation Committee (RRDIC)
  4. Regional Project Monitoring Committee (RPMC)
  5. Regional Committee on Sustainable Development (RCSD)
  6. Regional Government Center Management Committee (RGCMC)
  7. Regional Geographic and Information Network (RGIN)
  8. Regional Gender and Development Committee (RGADC)