The Regional Land Use Committee (RLUC) has the following functions:

  1. Formulate and periodically update the Regional Physical Framework Plan (RPFP), taking into consideration national, inter-regional, regional and local plans and policies;
  2. Promote the integration of land use and physical planning policies, plans and programs, including disaster risk management into the regional socio-economic plans and programs;
  3. Decide and resolve region-specific land use policy conflicts among government agencies;
  4. Review and recommend appropriate actions to the NB-NLUC on land use policy conflicts between or among national government agencies;
  5. Assess changes in land use and other physical resources in the regional and the implementation of RPFP policies;
  6. Evaluate consistency of major programs and projects with the RPFP and their impact on land use and the environment;
  7. Undertake the gathering, updating and maintenance of a regional database system; and
  8. Perform other related functions as may be directed by the NB-NLUC


Chair: NEDA

Vice-Chair: DENR


  1. PLGU Batanes
  2. PLGU Cagayan
  3. PLGU Isabela
  4. PLGU Nueva Vizcaya
  5. PLGU Quirino
  6. LGU Santiago City
  7. DA
  8. DAR
  9. DILG
  10. DTI
  11. DOST
  12. DOT
  13. DPWH
  14. NCIP
  15. NHA
  16. DHSUD
  17. MGB
  18. PSR Protacio D. Laguinday
  19. PSR Gilbert E. Acdal