Cagayan Valley Regional Development Plan (CVRDP) 2014-2016 and the Revalidated Matrix 2014-2016

The CVRDP 2011-2016 serves as the blueprint for development for the next six years (2011-2016) which spells out the thrusts and priorities of the Cagayan Valley in support to the Philippine Development Plan (PDP).The CVRDP 2011-2016 translates the PDP into regional interventions that would ensure a more effective and efficient plan implementation by all partners and stakeholders.To download the document, please click here.




CVRDP Revalidated Results Matrix 2014-2016

The RM serves as a basis in monitoring and evaluating the gains achieved and the progress of the RDP. The RM includes the RLA's enrolled and committed activities and outputs for the RDP. The document is incorporated in the Annexure of the Updated Regional Development Plan (Please see above links).