Coinciding with the regular three-year term of office of local elective officials, the Regional Development Council was reorganized in 2013 as prescribed in Executive Order 325. Following the reorganization of the Council proper, the RDC2 sectoral committees were likewise reorganized with the selection of a new set of committee officials and private sector representatives.

This reorganization provides for, among others the absorption of the Committee on Development Information and Communication (CDIC) by the Committee on Development Administration (CODA). This is supported by the argument that development administration which is being advocated by CODA already encompasses the information dissemination program of the government. The CODA, as one of the sectoral committees, which is flexible in nature as provided by the IRR of E.O. 325, could subsume the functions of the CDIC. The resulting committee is now named as Committee on Development Administration and Communication (CODAC) with its new membership reinforced as well as its function, to include agencies and NGOs concerned with development information and communication.


  1. General
  1. Review and endorse programs/projects of national government agencies and LGUs in the region to the Council requiring national government financial exposure which may come in the form of guarantees, national government budget appropriations or subsidies, among others;
  2. Integrate sectoral information and statistics in the preparation of the Annual Regional Development Report;
  3. Assist the Council in the translation of national development goals and policies into specific regional sectoral objectives;
  4. Integrate sectoral plans and programs, and coordinate all sectoral planning and programming activities of sectoral line agencies in the region; and
  5. Perform other related functions as may be required by the council.
  1. Specific
  1. Coordinate all planning and programming activities of the development administration and communication agencies in relation to development directions identified at the regional and sub-regional levels;
  2. Recommend specific policies, strategies and guidelines to carry out the goals and objectives of the regional plan through various development administration and communication programs/projects;
  3. Prepare an annual programming of programs and projects for development administration and communication corresponding to the regional development goals, objectives and sectoral thrusts following the Regional Development Organizational Plan Framework;
  4. Review and analyze quarterly, semestral, annual accomplishment reports of all development administration and communication agencies for submission to RDC; and
  5. Ensure advancement of innovations, initiatives and resource mobilization in the region.
  • Officials

Chair: Hon. Bernard Faustino Dy – Cauayan City

Co-Chair: Dir. Purita Licas – PIA

Vice-Chair: Ms. Belen Lim – RDC PSR for Media

  • Members

RLA Regular Members

  1. BFAR
  3. CHED
  4. CHR
  5. CSC
  6. DA
  7. DAR
  8. DBM
  9. DENR
  10. DEPED
  11. DILG
  12. DOH
  13. DOLE
  14. DOST
  15. DOT
  16. DPWH
  17. DSWD
  18. DTI
  19. NEDA
  20. NICA
  21. PNP
  22. AFP
  23. TESDA

LGU Regular Members

  1. PPDO of Cagayan
  2. PPDO of Isabela
  3. PPDO of Nueva Vizcaya
  4. PPDO of Quirino
  5. CPDO of Ilagan City
  6. CPDO of Cauayan City
  7. CPDO of Tuguegarao CIty
  8. CPDO of Santiago City


  1. University of Saint Louis – Tuguegarao

Private Sector Representaives

  1. Ms. Belen Lim – RDC PSR for Media
  2. Cagayan Valley Information Officers Organizations (CVIOO)

On-Call Members

  1. PPDO of Batanes
  3. HUDCC
  4. BAS
  5. CSU