Regional Profile

The Cagayan Valley , the northernmost region in the Philippines, has provided and sustained the basic resource base of the country.  It significantly supplies food, water and power not only to the adjacent regions but impacts on the basic needs of the nation’s capital.  Much of its comparative advantages come from an overwhelming abundance of nature’s blessing vast and fertile land area . 

Cagayan Valley, the fourth largest region in the Philippines, covers 26,838 square kilometers.  Of this area, three-fourths cover the provinces of Cagayan and Isabela. 

The region has a wide expanse of rich agricultural lands suitable to a wide variety of agricultural commodities.  The region has already earned the distinction of being a major food supplier to the rest of the country, particularly in grains and legumes.   Due to the soil’s richness, the Valley takes pride in organically grown produce.… Read more »