Regional Geographic Information Network (RGIN)

RGIN is created per RDC 2 Resolution No. 02-23-2003. It has the following functions:

  1. Establish a collaborative network of regional and provincial GIS centers;
  2. Facilitate and promote the utilization and application of GIS technology in planning, programming and project development, monitoring and evaluation, consistent with ecologically sound conservation principles;
  3. Provide RLAs, LGUs, and Civil Society Organization with accurate and up-to-date information for policy making, planning, programming, project development, evaluation and monitoring purposes;
  4. Provide the needed GIS technical capabilities and capacities of Network partners and continually update these with the emerging development on ICT; and
  5. Facilitate access to geographic information and services external to the network.
  • Officials

Chair: RD MaryAnne E.R. Darauay – National Economic and Development Authority

Co-Chair: RED Benjamin T. Tumaliuan  – Department of Environment and Natural Resources

  • Members
  1. Province of Cagayan
  2. Province of Isabela
  3. Province of Nueva Vizcaya
  4. Province of
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Regional Government Center Management Committee (RGCMC)


The Regional Government Center Management Committee the following functions:

As per Resolution No. 02-033-2005, the following are the functions of the Committee:

  1. Review proposals for project, activities related to the RGC development and operations;
  2. Prepare/update the Development Plan for the Cagayan Valley RGC which shall contain policies, guidelines and procedures for the development of the Center and update the same upon instance of the Council;
  3. Carry out and oversee the implementation of policies and guidelines adopted and or prescribed by the Council;
  4. Review and evaluate lot applications, MOA implementation and other mandated regulatory function/s; and
  5. Perform such other functions as may be necessary, or as may be tasked by the RDC 02.
  • Officials

Chairperson: Dir. Reynaldo C. Alconcel –  DPWH

  • Members
  1. DPWH
  2. DBM
  3. NEDA
  4. DILG
  5. DENR
  6. COA
  7. DOJ
  8. Tuguegarao City
  9. Province of Cagayan
  10. PNP (Honorary Member)
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Regional Committee on Sustainable Development (RCSD)


The Regional Committee on Sustainable Development performs the following functions:

  1. Review and ensure the implementation of the Philippine Agenda 21 at the regional and local levels;
  2. Establish guidelines and mechanisms that will expand, concretize and operationalize the sustainable development principles and incorporate them in the preparation of the Regional development Plan and Physical Framework Plan;
  3. Formulate and recommend to the PCSD policy reforms and new legislation that respond to continuing and emerging issues with regional implications and chart future actions related to environment and sustainable development issues of regional interest.
  4. Institutionalize a mechanism that would ensure linkage among legislative and executive branches, local government units, non-government organizations, business and other concerned entities/sectors in the formulation of policies and decision making on sustainable   development concerns of the region;
  5. Review and monitor plans, policies, programs and legislation on sustainable development at the regional
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Regional Project Monitoring Committee (RPMC)


The Regional Project Monitoring Committee has the following functions:

  1. Provide up-to-date information on the overall status of project implementation for planning and budget allocation;
  2. Assess project status reports and identify problems/issues which impede project implementation and to facilitate remedial actions in   coordination with the implementing agencies.
  3. Facilitate project implementation by providing on-the-spot solution of problems encountered during implementation through the conduct of field monitoring;
  4. Perform other functions as may be assigned by the RDC.
  • Officials

Chair: National Economic and Development Authority

Co-Chair: Department of Budget and Management

  • Members
  1. DILG
  2. PIA
  3. PMS
  4. LGU of Tuguegarao City
  5. PLGU Batanes
  6. PLGU Cagayan
  7. PLGU Isabela
  8. PLGU Nueva Vizcaya
  9. PLGU Quirino
  10. PSR Atty Robin James A. Gunnacao
  11. Mr. Nestor Noel Q. Dayag – Private Sector
  12. Mr. Severino M. Carub – Private Sector
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Regional Research, Development and Innovation Committee (RRDIC)


The Regional Research, Development and Innovation Committee has the following functions:

  1. Formulate the Regional Research and Development Agenda for the Plan period and undertake its mid-year assessment and consequent updating;
  2. Facilitate the review, prioritization and elevation of identified R & D issues and concerns to the RDC2 and national bodies for appropriate action and support;
  3. Serve as conduit for local and foreign research cooperation in the monitoring and evaluation of research activities to make it responsive to the emerging R & D needs of the region;
  4. Convene the R & D consortia in the region for best practices monitoring and sharing;
  5. As its support service, oversee the implementation of the prescribed statistical standards, methodologies and classification systems;
  6. Institute measures to strengthen the statistical capability in the region by ensuring timely production of useful and reliable data for regional/local development planning and
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