The Regional Development Council 2 (RDC2) approved and adopted the Cagayan Valley Region’s Regional Development Plan (RDP) and Regional Development Investment Program (RDIP) for the last remaining plan period 2019-2022 during its fourth quarter meeting on December 5, 2019 at the Piazza Zicarelli, Gamu, Isabela.

According to the Updated RDP 2017-2022 Strategic Framework, the region is envisioned to be the “gateway to East Asia, its economy driven by agro-industries, manufacturing, IT-based industries, nature and culture tourism, and where people leave in peace and prosperity” by the year 2040. The highlighted potentials include its proximity to East Asia, vast tracts of land, rich water resources (Cagayan River) and the availability of highly skilled and educated labor force, among others.

Key strategies to achieve the vision include improving the intra- and inter-regional connectivity, developing alternative energy sources, diversifying and increasing agricultural output, strengthening agro-processing industry, establishing new industrial estates and economic zones for manufacturing activities, preparing the groundwork to attract investment in IT-based industries, developing the region for nature and adventure tourism, and maximizing the water resources of the region while maintaining ecological integrity.

Meanwhile, the investment requirement in the region through the RDIP 2017-2022 was updated to serve as input to the fiscal year 2021 budget preparation. The RDIP contains the rolling list of PPAs to be implemented by the regional line agencies, local government units and State Universities and Colleges that are crucial in the achievement of the regional development objectives within the medium term. The estimated total investment cost amounts to PhP 337.6 Billion pesos.

The RDC2 also supported initiatives to address pressing concerns in the region. The Council supported the declaration of adolescent pregnancy as a national social emergency and adopted the regional inter-agency action plan which shall be activities to be funded under the GAD budget of all concerned agencies, LGUs and SUCs.

Likewise, the Council supported the Executive Order issued by the Province of Nueva Vizcaya regulating the entry of live hogs, pork, pork-related products and by-products to keep the Region 2 free from African Swine Fever (ASF); and the RDC 9 proposal on the convergence program of Department of Education and Department of Public Works and Highways for multipurpose roads leading to schools.

The regional convergence initiative for sustainable rural development through the implementation of the agro-forestry abundance and productivity using integrated technologies through barangay-based agricultural ventures and advancement (AgAPIT-BAVA) was adopted for support of concerned agencies. The convergence area will cover the Second Congressional District of Cagayan specifically Abulug, Pamplona, Claveria, Sta. Praxedes, and the Cagayan State University Sanchez Mira. #Angelica U. Cabading, NEDA2-DRD