The Regional Development Council 2 – Infrastructure Development Committee (RDC2 –IDC) endorsed the proposal of the Philippine Ports Authority on the delineation and declaration of the Claveria Port Zone at Barangay Taggat Norte, Claveria, Cagayan. The said proposal was endorsed alongside the 2020 Regional Development Report – Infrastructure Chapter during the RDC2-IDC second quarter meeting held on June 22, 2021.

The 2020 Regional Development Report – Infrastructure Chapter highlights the accomplishments in the infrastructure sector relative to the targets laid out in the Cagayan Valley Regional Development Plan (CVRDP) 2017-2022. In CY 2020, 107.44 kilometer of national roads and 425 lineal meters of bridges constructed, 27 Local Public Transport Route Plans submitted, 679 temporary treatment and monitoring facilities, and 46 certified community isolation facilities upgraded, 96 percent of cities and municipalities energized, and the number of frequency channels increased in Cagayan Valley Region.

The Department of Public Works and Highways presented nine infrastructure projects in the pipeline, namely, the Tuguegarao – Enrile Diversion Road, Quezon-Delfin Albano Road, Cauayan Northeast Alternate Route, Ramon Bypass Road, Ramon – San Isidro – Echague Road, Cordon Bypass Road, Diadi-Cordon-Ramon Road, Bayombong-Quezon-Bagabag Road and Quezon – Diffun Alternate Road.

These are apart from the PLGU Cagayan infrastructure projects which include the Construction of Gattaran Bridge (Nassiping – Dungao) and the Construction of Alcala Bridge (Tupang – Afusing). The PLGU Nueva Vizcaya presented Improvement of Critical Road Intersections (Bayombong Diversion-Solano Bypass and Solano – Bayombong Intersection).

Also discussed in the meeting was the North Luzon Growth Corridor Strategic Plan which provides a vision, “To make Northern Luzon Growth Corridor (Regions I, II, and CAR) cohesive, inclusive, and integrated location for industry, agriculture, and tourism that is globally competitive in the Asia-Pacific and among the other 14 regions of the country by 2040.”

All proposals and report endorsed by the IDC will be presented during the upcoming RDC 2 regular business meeting in July 2021 for the latter’s endorsement and approval.