The Department of Environment and Natural Resources in Region 2 (DENR2) reported the progress of the various programs implemented under the Build Back Better (BBB) Program during the Regional Development Council (RDC) meeting on July 22. The DENR leads the implementation of BBB Key Result Area (KRA) Number 6 Intensified Watershed Management otherwise known as the Green Infrastructure pillar.

Under the forest and watershed rehabilitation program, Forester Eric Passion reported that a total of 585 hectares for bamboo plantation establishment were identified in Cagayan. These are areas along the stretch of the Cagayan River and its tributaries. The Quirino LGU, he said, has already planted with bamboo and other tree species a total of 55 hectares. He added that several transport groups have also planted seven hectares with bamboos. The DENR will add 346 hectares of bamboo sites in 2022, of which 240 hectares will be in Isabela.

The DENR leads the Task Group for Vegetative Measures created by the RDC in December 2020 following its approval of NEDA RO2’s report on “Cagayan Valley   Flood   Mitigation   and   Rehabilitation Program”. The measures identified in the said program aim to address perennial flooding in the region.