The Regional Development Council 2 (RDC2) – Regional Committee on Sustainable Development (RCSD) endorsed a resolution to support the proclamation of the Palali-Mamparang Mountain Range (PMMR) Natural Park as protected area. The endorsement was secured during the 4th Quarter Joint Meeting of the RCSD with other RDC Committees on November 26, 2021. The proposed protected area is located along the eastern corridor of Nueva Vizcaya with a total area of 35,800 hectares. It covers four barangays of Bambang, three barangays of Bayombong, 14 barangays of Kasibu, and four barangays of Quezon.

The PMMR is a significant terrestrial and inland water biodiversity conservation area. It serves as a biodiversity corridor allowing the movement of various fauna between the Cordillera Mountain and the Sierra Madre Mountain. It is the home of 103 species of forest birds and the newly-discovered amphibian “brachymeles muntingkamay.” Different types of flora could also abound in the area, such as the white lauan, red lauan, apitong, mayapis, tanguile, guijo, and imaciga. Potential ecotourism sites were also discovered such as the Ammococan Falls, Plazang Patring Falls, Mangilocos Falls, Lamlammiis Falls, Dayog Falls, and Burayok Falls.

Protecting the PMMR is also important to support the socioeconomic development of adjacent communities. The watersheds in the area support the water requirements of vast agricultural areas in the region through the Addalam River Irrigation Project (ARIP), the Magat Dam and its Hydroelectric Power Plant, as well as the Casecnan Dam and Pantabangan Dam in Region 3.

The RCSD endorsed said resolution to the RDC2 Full Council for support during its regular meeting in December 2021.#NEDA2-PFPD