Nine major infrastructure projects in Batanes were inspected jointly during a Field Monitoring Visit (FMV) by the Cagayan Valley Regional Project Monitoring Committee and the Batanes Provincial Project Monitoring Committee on May 11-12, 2023. Prior to the field visits, a pre-FMV meeting was conducted at the DPWH Batanes Engineering Office to review project documents as reference during the actual field visit. This was attended by the members of Batanes PPMC, DWPH Assistant District Engineer, Division Chief and Project Engineers, DOH Batanes Office Chief, DILG Provincial Director and contractors.

During the actual visit, it was observed that time extensions issued for most of the delayed projects were due to lack of local manpower, difficulty in transporting construction materials as these had to be shipped from the mainland, inclement weather, and health restrictions.

The two-day activity concluded with an exit conference. The findings and corrective actions on every issue and concern with corresponding recommendations to improve and hasten project implementation were discussed and agreed upon by the participants. General recommendations include revisiting the design and Program of Works to check the completeness of needed physical structures and components, employing skilled workers preferably from the community, ensuring provision of safety signages, conducting regular maintenance check at the site, and regular submission of project documents and monitoring report.

The Project Monitoring Team was led by the NEDA2-Project Monitoring and Evaluation Division with representatives from OP-Presidential Management Staff (OP-PMS), DILG, members of the Batanes PPMC, Batanes District Engineering Office, and LGU officials. Projects visited are the following: Uyugan seawall, Barangay Kayuganan multi-purpose building, Taranghen retaining wall, Water network Project of Mahatao, Basco Rural Health Unit, Sabtang Community Hospital, Flood control structure along the Rasayan Bridge, Barangay San Antonio Road, and Access road leading to Valugan Boulder Beach.# NEDA2-PMED